Promoting the Cone Zone Campaign

Be a part of the 2018 Cone Zone campaign by engaging your organization, stakeholders and community. You will be contributing to a safer workplace for all roadside workers across BC. Here are a few simple things you can do to get your organization involved.

Campaign launch message to stakeholders and employees

We’ve provided a campaign launch message template that you can use as-is, or customize with your own message to send out to stakeholders and employees. Consider distributing the message the week before campaign launch date of May 14.

Distribute or display the Cone Zone poster(s)

  1. Print out a copy of the Cone Zone poster(s). Place it in your lobby, lunchroom or other high-traffic area before the campaign launch date to help create awareness.
  2. Email a copy of the poster(s) to your employees and external stakeholders.

Download PDFs:

CZ_office_posters_8PDF (1 MB) CZ_office_posters_8PDF (4 MB) PDF (1 MB)
PDF (2 MB) PDF (2 MB) PDF (2 MB)


Go social

Distribute Cone zone social media messages via your Twitter and Facebook channels. Consider sending one of the Twitter messages out on campaign launch day, and follow with a weekly message throughout the duration of the campaign. Here are a few examples to get you started. Images to use on your social media channels can be found here.


Place Cone Zone print ads, customized with your corporate logo in local community newspapers, online media etc. If you would like us to create a customized ad for you, please email a high-resolution jpeg, tiff, eps or ai file of your logo to Anita Deiter at

Website and newsletters

Post one of the following Cone Zone banners on the front page of your website or newsletter. On your website, hyperlink the graphic to

Leaderboard ad 728px x 90px

Big Box ad 300px x 250px
Square ad 126px x 126pxCZ_126x126

Place an article about the Cone Zone on your website or in your organization’s internal and external communication channels such as an intranet or company newsletter. Here are some examples that you can customize.

Email signature

Include a Cone Zone message in your email signature and encourage others to do so as well. Here are some examples:

  • Cone Zones help protect roadside workers, so slow down and drive with care. Their lives depend on it. Learn more at
  • Please remember someone’s mom or dad works here. Slow down and maintain a safe distance around roadside workers. Learn more at
  • Provide your roadside workers with the training, equipment and resources to keep themselves safe. Find out more at

Share the radio ad and video

30-Second radio spot (1 MB)

Respect the Cone Zone video

Roadside Safety Toolkit

Access the free online tools and resources found in the roadside safety tool kit for more information on how to work safely in roadside work zones. The focus is on short term or occasional roadside work.

Cone Zone community event

Consider creating your own Cone Zone themed event. This could range from something very simple to more complex such as:

  • Set up a booth and distribute information re: roadside worker safety at a public event in your community.
  • Create a Cone Zone themed children’s event, where kids ride their bikes around a circuit of cones in a park.
  • Set up a road rodeo where drivers are encouraged to test drive new models of cars and drive safely through a course with cones set up. This could be set up in the parking lot at your local mall and you could partner with other organizations such as a car manufacturer or local community group.
  • Create a Cone Zone themed car wash where drivers enter an area marked with cones and information is distributed re: driving safely in roadside work zones.

Share your experiences with others

We can all learn from each others successes. Please share how your organization has promoted the Cone Zone campaign and how your efforts were received by employees. Send an email to We hope you’ll find these ideas useful within your organization and also encourage you to take advantage of the many opportunities to share them with your stakeholders and communities.

Download the Cone Zone logo

Right click the image and choose Save As (Size: 76 KB, Dimensions: 450 x 137)


Social media images (Twitter)

image001 image003 image002

Social media images (Instagram)

image001 image003 image002
image001 image003 image002
image001 image003 image002
image001 image003 image002
image001 image003 image002
image001 image003 image002


Please contact:
Anita Deiter
Strategy Manager, Care Around Roadside Workers