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Cloverdale Rodeo May 15 – 18, 2015
Cloverdale Rodeo and Exhibition Park
6050A-176th Street Surrey, BC

Join us at the Cone Zone Go Kart ride, where kids aged 10 to 16 can learn about roadside safety while driving a Go Kart around a large circuit complete with real world work zone hazards.  Participants at the ride will be  instructed  by  certified  traffic  control  personnel  on  how  to navigate  a  “cone  zone.”

New this year, activities for road users of all ages:

Electric Cars and Scooters:  This year the ride goes green by adding two electric quads for kids to ride.  Parents will now also have the opportunity to participate by riding one of four electric scooters around the Cone Zone course.

Cone Zone Selfie Station:  Participants in the “selfie station” will have a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

Distracted Driving Graffiti Artist Competition:  Throughout the weekend Graffiti artists will be at the event participating in a graffiti competition.  The purpose is to create art that speaks to distracted driving. The winning artist will receive a $500 prize.

Distracted Driving Art:  Children will have an opportunity to place their hand prints on large cell phone cut outs which surround a wrecked vehicle.  The goal is to increase awareness of the prevention of distracted driving.

Cone Zone Distracted Driving Simulator:  Adults and youth are invited to drive through a simulated Cone Zone environment.

This feature at the rodeo is in support of the Cone Zone Campaign, a road safety initiative that encourages drivers to take care when driving near roadside workers.

For more information about the Cone Zone Campaign, visit where you will find resources, tips and helpful  information about safely navigating through roadside work zones.


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