Being a Mom and a Traffic Controller

How You Can Protect a New Mother on BC Highways

Alyssa Ursel is one of the many people whose job is to safeguard fellow roadside workers by guiding drivers through highway work zones, or “Cone Zones.” She is a flagger, also known as a traffic control person.

She is also a new mother.

Like many new moms returning to work after maternity leave, she has mixed emotions. Excited to be working again at a job she enjoys, but also nervous about being away from the little one she loves.

It can be hard enough returning to a workplace safely behind office walls, but Alyssa is returning to a workplace where her safety depends greatly on driver behaviour.

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure recently chatted with Alyssa about her thoughts on returning to work as a traffic control person on BC highways.

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Alyssa and Alice

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