Cone Zone Go-Kart Ride: A success at the Cloverdale Rodeo

This year the Cloverdale Rodeo featured several new and exciting attractions for fairgoers. Among them, the Cone Zone Go-Kart circuit, a fun and interactive road safety education initiative for youth aged 10 to 16.

Designed by Work Zone Safety Alliance member Mainroad Group, the “cone zone” themed go-kart circuit resembled a real-world roadside work zone. Riders drove one of four go-karts three times around the course passing life-sized road maintenance vehicles and equipment and 8-foot high illuminated orange cones. The circuit was managed by traffic control personnel and riders had to obey directions.

Almost nine hundred youth drove the Cone Zone Go-Kart circuit during the 4-day event, learning about road safety and the importance of paying attention when travelling through roadside work zones.

Thank you to supporting Work Zone Safety Alliance members and other partners for helping to create this unique learning experience for the next generation of drivers.

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