Cone Zones Keep Roadside Workers Safe

Roadside work zones present a deadly hazard for tens of thousands of roadside workers across British Columbia each day. Between 2004 and 2013, 15 workers died and another 224 were injured and missed time from work because of roadside vehicle incidents.

“Cone Zones” are set up for different types of roadside work including landscaping, utility maintenance, telecommunication installation, transportation, and road construction and maintenance.

Here are some tips to keep drivers and roadside workers safe in “Cone Zones:

Before you head out:

  • Check for traffic delays before you leave – Provides real time information on current road and travel conditions on BC highways

Listen to your local radio station traffic report

Visit your municipal website for work zone locations

  • Plan a different route if possible or allow more time for your commute

If your route takes you through a “Cone Zone”:

  • Slow down
  • Pay attention – eliminate any distractions so that you can easily identify and respond to work zone hazards
  • Respect roadside workers – make sure to give them space (move over to another lane, if it’s safe to do so), and follow their signs and directions

Even with safety measures in place, serious injuries, near misses, and fatalities caused by distracted, aggressive or speeding drivers are a workplace reality for roadside workers in B.C. Watch their stories at

Resources for employers

Employers are responsible for the safety of workers. BC’s Workers Compensation Act and Occupational Health and Safety Regulation set out the requirements and legal responsibilities of employers, supervisors and workers as they relate to workplace health and safety.

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