Congratulations to Our Vehicle Safety Kit Winner at the ConeZoneBC Go-Kart Ride Event

ConeZoneBC congratulates Andrew Penny on winning a vehicle safety kit with one year of roadside assistance at our draw at the Cloverdale Rodeo. Andrew visited the ConeZoneBC Go-Kart Ride event with his wife and daughter on Rodeo weekend. Although his daughter is too small to drive a go-kart, she had a lot of fun spinning the prize wheel and winning a teddy bear.

2016 Cloverdale Rodeo Winner

As a firefighter with the Township of Langley, Andrew has experienced the dangers of working in a Cone Zone on many occasions. When we caught up with Andrew to deliver his prize, he told us about almost being hit by speeding or distracted drivers. “My fellow firefighters and I are at great risk when attending the scene of a motor vehicle crash. I have even had a vehicle try to speed by us and end up bouncing off a median just a few car lengths away.”

Please slow down, pay attention and respect all Cone Zones. When it is safe to do so, move over to increase the distance between your vehicle and the work zone. Remember to slow down when driving near a vehicle with flashing amber, red or blue lights[1] and be prepared to move over.  Do these things not just because it’s the law, but for all of the families like Andrew’s that are relying on you to help keep them safe.

[1] If the posted speed limit is 80 km/hr or greater, drivers must slow to 70 km/h. If the posted speed is less than 80 km/h, drivers must slow to 40 km/h.

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