Every day in B.C. roadside workers risk being seriously or fatally injured in the “Cone Zone”

Even with safety measures in place, injuries and near misses experienced by roadside workers in B.C. are still a reality. On a daily basis, roadside workers continue to encounter preoccupied and hostile drivers who are speeding and swerving.

“Cone Zones” are used for many different kinds of work. Municipal workers, landscapers, emergency and enforcement workers, telecommunication workers, and tow-truck drivers, as well as road construction and maintenance workers all use the “Cone Zone” to protect their workplaces.

Roadside work increases over the summer months. Simple acts can save a life. Slow down, pay attention and respect the “Cone Zone.”

The “Cone Zone” campaign is supported by the Work Zone Safety Alliance, WorkSafeBC and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

For more information visit www.ConeZoneBC.com.

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