NAOSH Week Safety Fair Results in a Prize for a City of Burnaby Employee

Every year the City of Burnaby holds a Safety Fair for their employees to recognize NAOSH Week and draw attention to safety in the workplace. The event includes informative, safety themed presentations, a trade show and networking opportunities.

Road Safety at Work took part in the Burnaby Safety Fair to share the ConeZoneBC campaign message and draw attention to vulnerable roadside workers. Every day in BC there are thousands of workers on our roads including municipal workers, landscapers, flag people, tow truck drivers, road construction and maintenance workers, telecommunications and utility workers and emergency and enforcement personnel.

2016 COB safety kit winnerTravis Odberg is grateful that ConeZoneBC is raising awareness for the care that should be taken around work zones, which in Burnaby often include his colleagues and friends. Thanks for stopping by our booth to chat about road safety and congratulations on winning a vehicle safety kit, Travis!

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