Before you start work

Review this checklist before your workers begin their work.

  • Do you have a documented work zone layout for the work site? Does the layout address site-specific hazards?
  • Do you have the proper traffic control devices – cones, barriers, signs?  Is all equipment in good condition?
  • Do you have safe work procedures for roadside work?  For working around mobile equipment and work vehicles?
  • Do you have an emergency plan for the work site?
  • Do all workers have proper high-visibility garments and other required personal protective equipment (PPE)?
  • Have workers received a safety briefing?
  • Do workers understand:
    • The work zone layout?
    • Emergency procedures?
    • Hazards of the work site, including mobile equipment or work vehicles?
    • Safe work procedures for roadside work?
    • Safe procedures for working around mobile equipment and work vehicles?
    • How to report near misses and other safety incidents?
  • Have you identified a person responsible for the work zone set-up? Do they have the authority to take corrective action as required (i.e., to modify the work zone set-up to address on-site hazards)?
  • Have you identified hazards and controlled risks associated with job activities, in addition to vehicle and traffic hazards?
  • Do you have a plan to regularly inspect the work zone to ensure proper set-up?
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If workers do not know their work site in advance

  • Are their vehicles set up with the signs, cones and other traffic control devices that they may need?
  • Do they know how to set up a safe work zone; i.e., how to place traffic warning signs and other devices?
  • Do they know how to identify and address vehicle and traffic hazards once they arrive at their work site?
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