Roadside work can be dangerous. On average, one worker is killed each year. Another 22 are injured and miss time from work from being hit by a motor vehicle while working on or beside the road. Setting up and taking down your Cone Zone can be the most dangerous part of your day.

Knowing how to properly set up and take down a roadside work zone (“Cone Zone”) can help keep you and your co-workers safe.

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Set-up procedure

  • Make sure you’ve got the required equipment (signs, cones, barriers). If you are using radios to communicate, make sure all are working.
  • Set up your Cone Zone devices in the order that drivers will encounter them. Begin with the sign or device that’s farthest away from your work area.
  • Never turn your back to traffic while setting up.
  • Once the Cone Zone is set up, travel through it to view it from a driver’s perspective.
  • Make sure the guidance is clear, easy to follow, and that workers are clearly visible.
  • Check periodically to make sure the signs and devices are still in place.
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Take-down procedure

  • Take down the Cone Zone as soon as the roadside work is finished.
  • Remove the devices in the opposite order of the set-up.
  • Signs should be removed last.
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