Frequently Asked Questions

Every day thousands of people working on the roadside in B.C. are counting on you to slow down and drive with care when approaching a “Cone Zone.”
Behind each work zone cone is a worker in a vulnerable position while doing their job at the roadside, or in some cases on the road, in close proximity to traffic. Each cone stands for someone’s father, mother, son, or daughter.

What types of roadside workers are there?

Roadside worksites involve hundreds of activities, not just road construction. There are a wide variety of workers in the “Cone Zone” − municipal workers, landscapers, flag people, tow truck drivers, road construction and maintenance workers, telecommunications and utility workers, and emergency and enforcement personnel.

What is the objective?

Reducing the number of deaths and injuries of roadside workers by increasing awareness of the vulnerability of workers working at the side of the road and encouraging drivers to practice safe driving behaviour in the “Cone Zone.”

How can I stay informed?

Please sign up for our Cone Zone E-News bulletin, or drop us a line at

How can I get involved?